Madeleine creates content that provokes conversation and builds tension


As a creative producer, social expert, and writer, Madeleine is skilled at developing and producing digital content that stands out. She is passionate about creating an ownable aesthetic that ladders back to the brand’s mission. Why create content if you look like everyone else? Good content starts a conversation, behaves differently.


How can we work together?

Digital Creative Strategist

With 10+ years experience, cultivated a knack for identifying the white space for brands when it comes to digital content. The key is to own a unique piece of the conversation.

Creative Video Producer

Developed longer form videos with a social impact element, as well as scripted commercials. Booked the talent, provided art direction, and oversaw post production.

Social Media Expert

As a social media expert, skilled at producing elevated content with minimal budgets, working with talented artists in lieu of an agency. Adept at creating high impact pillars.


Extensive experience defining the voice and editorial strategy, along with writing social copy, website copy, and blogs. Most recently wrote scripts for a show on Facebook Watch.