By CHLOE. X Postmates

If you’ve ever ventured to New York City and walked past by CHLOE, you’ll likely see a line around the block of vegans and non-vegans alike — waiting to taste this unique plant-based food that is now a staple of NYC dining.

So how does a vegan food joint appeal to the masses in a city that prides itself on pizza and bagels? By CHLOE. President Samantha Wasser says that it’s all about creating “an approachable and fun brand… with an innovative menu that is seasonal and unique…and only happens to be plant-based.”

“We worked on the brand and developed the restaurant concept for over a year before opening our doors officially in July 2015,” said Wasser. And it was this level of detail and hard work that lead to their immediate success.

“When we first opened our location on Bleecker Street, we were overwhelmed by the reception and were so busy, I was on the line in the kitchen packing up burgers during the lunch rush! But that is what you need to do to stay focused, no matter the job you have to be prepared as a business owner to do what’s necessary to make it happen.”

The Postmates partnership also took off around this time, confirmed Wasser. “Our lines can get pretty long some days, and back when we only had one location, we started noticing a lot of people sending Postmates instead!”

“Postmates has been a great friend to by CHLOE. and has been a wonderful way for our customers to have by CHLOE. essentially on demand. The Postmates app has been a great way for us to become that much more accessible to our loyal customers around the city.”

And the strength of their loyal customers has only continued to grow.

“Our following has allowed us to grow to six new locations nationwide! Our goals are to keep opening by CHLOE. locations nationwide and beyond… and we absolutely intend to keep partnering with Postmates as we expand.

But it goes without saying that this isn’t just a traditional NYC restaurant success story — by CHLOE. has effectively revolutionized the vegan food trend, dishing out food that undeniably appeals to non-vegans.

Though, others may be surprised to know that Wasser herself is not vegan but she does actively appreciate the plant-based lifestyle.

“For myself and my husband, we just feel better overall when we are paying closer attention to what we eat and drink… I don’t think that plant-based eating is a ‘trend’, I think it’s a lifestyle that can be committed to 100% or even implemented into small parts of someone’s daily life.”

And if one is hoping to pivot towards a healthier lifestyle, by CHLOE. is certainly a great place to start! If you’re a vegan newbie, Wasser recommends the guac burger or or quinoa taco salad. “We guarantee you won’t miss the meat… and the spicy seitan chorizo in the taco salad is one of the best things on our whole menu… it adds such great flavor.”

“There really is something for everyone though!”

So until by CHLOE. opens to a spot near you, we recommend stopping by if you’re ever in NY, Boston or LA and trying some of these must-have items.

Quinoa Taco Salad

Pesto Meatball

Purple Rain Smoothie Bowl

Classic Burger

Daily Pancakes with Whipped Maple Butter