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Well versed writer, who can write in a variety of styles, ranging from long-form articles, emails or social posts. Comfortable with ambiguity in writing assignments. By way of example, launched the Postmates blog and shaped our voice; conducted interviews with chefs, which became a key editorial content feature that is still carried out through the present day. 


Marco Canora Spotlight

Interviewed world renowned chef Marco Canora. 

Marco Canora’s Brodo Partners with Postmates

To many Marco Canora may be best known as the first executive chef at Craft, Tom Colicchio’s renowned restaurant in Manhattan. But in 2003, Marco struck out on his own to start Hearth and in 2014 he opened Brodo, New York’s iconic bone broth shop that is now a key partner for Postmates.

After spending an afternoon with Marco in their West Village shop, we got the inside scoop on Brodo and how bone broth may just be the next green juice cleanse we’ve all been waiting for, now delivered to your door.

When asked how he came up with the idea to sell cups of to-go broth, Marco explained that as a chef, broth is always at the center of your kitchen. It is the cornerstone of many of his favorite dishes, including stracciatella soup and tortellini — reminiscent of his Italian heritage. Starting Brodo, the infamous NYC shop that sells cups of to-go broth, was a natural next step.

“I was at a point in my life when I was trying be healthier. I started drinking bone broth more regularly, and noticed an immediate shift in how I felt.”

“Broth is good for the soul and the stomach. It’s pretty simple.”

From there, Canora was inspired to start serving broth to his customers.

“I had this unused real estate at Hearth, a window facing first avenue. One day I opened that window and started selling to-go cups of broth.”

That marked the first day of Brodo.

“We quickly realized that we couldn’t keep up with demand. And people are very curious about the health benefits of the broth.”

And speaking of the health benefits, Canora says that though no one really wants to spend money on bone broth research, the writing is on the wall.

“I don’t need a study to tell me that bone broth is good for you,” says Canora. “And our customers tend to agree.”

“Another key way that we introduce broth to the neighborhood is of course through Postmates. When we first heard about Postmates, this was music to our ears… here we are trying to sell a to-go product, and Postmates delivers just that. We’ve had a very positive partnership.”

Postmates has allowed us to expand our radius to cover basically all of Manhattan, from downtown to midtown and east to west. It’s also given us the boost we needed to expand to multiple locations in New York.”

But Marco is careful to admit that while he didn’t invent bone broth, Brodo did reinvent the way in which broth is consumed and viewed by customers.

“Grandmas have been serving up bone broth for centuries. But no one had ever before viewed broth as a beverage. With Brodo you’re able to also customize the broth, which is unique — much like a Starbucks latte.”

In addition to expanding Brodo geographically and reinventing new flavors though, Marco also adds that he wants social impact to be a big part of the future.

“We now deliver broth to the NYU Langone Medical Center, for expecting new mothers. Our broth nourishes the soul and is nutritious. It’s a perfect synergy and a good indication of where we are trying to head in 2017.”



Coolhaus CEO Reimagines Ice Cream  

Interviewed Coolhaus CEO Natasha Case

Redesigning Ice Cream delivery with Postmates 

Coolhaus CEO, Natasha Case, reimagined what ice cream could be in 2008.

While in architecture school, her professor said her model looked like ‘layer cake.’ “Instead of taking it as a criticism, I took it as a compliment — merging my love of architecture and food into a movement I dubbed ‘farchitecture’.”

In 2009, ‘farchitecture’ became Coolhaus, architecturally-inspired gourmet ice cream sandwiches, with flavors like balsamic fig & mascarpone.

But how did Natasha and fellow co-founder Freya Estreller make the leap?

“We rented a postal van and drove down to where we knew the millennials would be… Coachella. We launched Twitter and Facebook accounts so that people would have a place to channel their excitement, if we did take off.”

And lucky for Natasha & Freya, the millennials flocked to the Coolhaus truck.

“Freya called me thinking someone had hacked into our Twitter account. But it was real… we were actually getting new followers every single second.”

Natasha also quickly realized that another avenue to reach millennials was through on-demand delivery. “I was already an avid [Postmates] user. I tweeted @Postmates to see if we could partner.”

“Postmates now accounts for 10% of our sales.”

When asked about the future, Natasha says that as they continue to scale, they are viewing Postmates, as more of a “strategic partner looking ahead.”

And creatively, she’s excited to keep pushing the boundaries on food innovation. “One of the flavors I’m most proud of is the ‘Fast Food Ice Cream. I know how much people love dipping fries into milkshakes, so that was the inspiration… but we took a risk with that flavor. And it paid off.”



Halal Guys Realize 

The American Dream  

Interviewed the CEO Ahmed Abouelenein, son of Halal Guys co-founder Muhammed Abouelenein

Halal Guys Partner With Postmates To Expand Nationally

The Halal Guys represent what many of us may call: The American Dream. Immigrants to the United States from Egypt, the founders Muhammed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed launched their first New York City food cart in 1990, on West 53rd & 6th Avenue. Now aiming to franchise their business and grow to over 300 new locations by the end of 2017 — they are a true entrepreneurial success. 

We met with CEO Ahmed Abouelenein, son of co-founder Muhammed Abouelenein, to discuss how the business was able to thrive against all odds — while simultaneously redefining what “halal food” means across America.

“Since the beginning, we worked day and night. We were always there for our customers— serving high quality food for an affordable price.”

However, Ahmed Abouelenein explains that some may be surprised to know that The Halal Guys didn’t always start off selling halal food.

“We started off just selling hot dogs out of a cart — but then we realized that there was barely any halal food in the city. So we started making halal meals. There was a demand for this type of food, especially for cab drivers.”

And over the years, their halal food gained incredible popularity.

“There were such long lines that we actually had to open another cart, just across the street from the first cart to keep up with all the demand!”

“Starting in 2006, we were then opening new carts all over Manhattan.” And at this point, halal food competition was in fact rising.

“Halal food started to pop up everywhere around this time, but our cart was always the most popular. We had high quality ingredients… and we were open all the time, no matter the weather. Even if it snowed or rained, we were open… this has always been at the center of who we are.”

“In 2010 I started to get more involved,” said Ahmed. “I have an engineering background and I was in charge of the cart operations, looking for ways to make things more efficient. Then in the Spring of 2016, we decided to partner with Postmates and join the on-demand space.”

It was around this time that The Halal Guys opened their first brick and mortar store and thought about franchising. “At first the owners were not so into the idea of franchising, we wanted to control what we had, and we didn’t go into this thinking that franchising was ever part of the equation.”

“But after we saw how successful our brick and mortar locations were, we realized that we can franchise, and that we should.”

The partnership with Postmates was equally encouraging. Orders were coming in and sales were climbing.”

Looking ahead, the Halal Guys are aiming to open stores in 2017 at the ‘speed of sound.’ '

“We’re looking to expand to California, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, New Jersey, Philippines, and Indonesia- to name a few!”

And in terms of expanding the menu? Ahmed said they are looking to keep the menu simple — though they will start to think about the ways in which the cuisine can best match the culture in different countries. In the end though, customers should always be able to count on household favorites.


By CHLOE. CEO Pioneers NY Vegan Food  










If you’ve ever ventured to New York City and walked past by CHLOE, you’ll likely see a line around the block of vegans and non-vegans alike — waiting to taste this unique plant-based food that is now a staple of NYC dining.

So how does a vegan food joint appeal to the masses in a city that prides itself on pizza and bagels? By CHLOE. President Samantha Wasser says that it’s all about creating “an approachable and fun brand… with an innovative menu that is seasonal and unique…and only happens to be plant-based.”

“We worked on the brand and developed the restaurant concept for over a year before opening our doors officially in July 2015,” said Wasser. And it was this level of detail and hard work that lead to their immediate success.

“When we first opened our location on Bleecker Street, we were overwhelmed by the reception and were so busy, I was on the line in the kitchen packing up burgers during the lunch rush! But that is what you need to do to stay focused, no matter the job you have to be prepared as a business owner to do what’s necessary to make it happen.”

The Postmates partnership also took off around this time, confirmed Wasser. “Our lines can get pretty long some days, and back when we only had one location, we started noticing a lot of people sending Postmates instead!”

“Postmates has been a great friend to by CHLOE. and has been a wonderful way for our customers to have by CHLOE. essentially on demand. The Postmates app has been a great way for us to become that much more accessible to our loyal customers around the city.”

And the strength of their loyal customers has only continued to grow.

“Our following has allowed us to grow to six new locations nationwide! Our goals are to keep opening by CHLOE. locations nationwide and beyond… and we absolutely intend to keep partnering with Postmates as we expand.

But it goes without saying that this isn’t just a traditional NYC restaurant success story — by CHLOE. has effectively revolutionized the vegan food trend, dishing out food that undeniably appeals to non-vegans.

Though, others may be surprised to know that Wasser herself is not vegan but she does actively appreciate the plant-based lifestyle.

“For myself and my husband, we just feel better overall when we are paying closer attention to what we eat and drink… I don’t think that plant-based eating is a ‘trend’, I think it’s a lifestyle that can be committed to 100% or even implemented into small parts of someone’s daily life.”

And if one is hoping to pivot towards a healthier lifestyle, by CHLOE. is certainly a great place to start! If you’re a vegan newbie, Wasser recommends the guac burger or or quinoa taco salad. “We guarantee you won’t miss the meat… and the spicy seitan chorizo in the taco salad is one of the best things on our whole menu… it adds such great flavor.”

“There really is something for everyone though!”

So until by CHLOE. opens to a spot near you, we recommend stopping by if you’re ever in NY, Boston or LA. 


The Science of Ice Cream With Smitten CEO  

“We believe ice cream = joy” is a phrase that perfectly encapsulates most of our feelings towards ice cream. It is also the phrase that embodies Smitten Ice Cream & founder Robyn Sue Fisher’s affinity towards the nostalgic treat.

But when Fisher turned her passion for ice cream into a scientific investigation in 2007, she discovered just how ‘far from the cow’ ice cream had become. “The modern method of production focuses on shelf-life rather than taste, and I just knew there had to be a better way. So I decided to throw that whole paradigm out the window and start from scratch.”

“I figured out early on that if you could freeze & serve ice cream right away, then the artificial stabilizers, emulsifiers, and preservatives are totally superfluous… you can make ice cream that’s delicious without all of that. To achieve this, meant freezing the ice cream at such a low temperature, that it freezes almost instantly, which is where liquid nitrogen comes into play!”

To test this theory out further, Fisher said that she tinkered around in a basement workshop, creating a prototype version of a machine with parts sourced off Craigslist. “It was pretty amazing to see my handiwork churn a batch of ice cream with the simplest ingredients… organic milk, cream, sugar, salt, and butter — in just minutes.”

“And the resulting texture is just insane! Liquid nitrogen is so cold that it creates ice crystals, which makes the ice cream supremely smooth.”

After perfecting the ice cream, Fisher then took the streets of San Francisco in 2009 (literally) to sell her ice cream on top of a Radio Flyer ® wagon.

“I didn’t exactly have all the permits to be selling ice cream on the street… But that’s what I did anyway for almost a year, after which I had the support I needed to open our very first scoop shop in Hayes Valley in April 2011.”

“Almost 6 years later, we’ve opened 7 more shops across the Bay Area and LA (with two more coming in the next three months)!”

And Postmates has definitely helped us sustain and grow, said Fisher.

“Ice cream’s one of those treats you find yourself craving at the strangest of times… and we want to ensure that if you’re hit with one of those cravings, you can get the good stuff (ahem, Smitten), delivered.” But beyond convenience, Postmates has also impacted Smitten’s off-season sales.

“It’s been interesting to see how Postmates has helped us mitigate some of the negative impact of weather on our business. It’s no surprise that as soon as it starts raining, people stay home — which means they’re not out there in our neighborhoods wandering into our shops. So Postmates helps us meet people where they are — whether it’s on their couch or stuck at work — and enables our ice cream to be a part of that experience. Postmates helps us make any weather, ice cream weather.”

Looking ahead, Smitten feels lucky to be working in San Francisco alongside Postmates and other teams in the space that are constantly innovating.

Fisher said that they’ve also got some pretty awesome stuff up their sleeves… “from new shops and flavors to cool partnerships and events.”

To see what all the all-natural ice cream flavor hype is about, order your own scoop of Smitten today — with flavors ranging from: Blood orange with pistachio cookies; Passion, plantains and chocolate; Cookie dough with pretzels and chocolate chips; and Salted caramel!